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Together lets inspire others to become human fireflies!
Teach them how to reach within to find and grow the light
that is uniquely theirs to Shine!


Have you ever seen an incandescent firefly light up the night sky and then waited with anticipation for the next magical spark of light? I have, and I am hoping to start a movement to bring that same luminescent light into the darkness of our everyday lives. Will you join me?

I have a vision: people of all ages showing up, sometimes unexpectedly, and shining light into a person’s life at an opportunemoment of connection or comfort. As fireflies, we can show up and shine in so many different ways. A simple act, such as looking into someone’s eyes and simply smiling in a kind and accepting manner, is one method of shining light. Slowing down to really see and listen wholeheartedly is rare in our rushed, multitasking, self-centered society.

We often miss opportunities to connect with people we come into contact with on a daily basis: the barista who serves us coffee at Starbucks, the person in the drive-thru window at the pharmacy, even our own children. These people can see you as a spark of light in the dark if you take the time to really see them and, in turn, let them see you. It’s so important to remember that we can never really know the extent of other people’s suffering, and we can make the difference between despair and hope through a human connection as simple as a friendly look of encouragement or a kind hello. I fondly recall times when I’ve felt like an encounter with a kind stranger turned my day around completely. It’s fascinating that just looking at someone with kindness can actually change the other person’s brain activity in a positive way!

Chance opportunities with human fireflies can elicit moments of joy, but fireflies have the ability to completely alter the course of someone’s life. These special fireflies are the people whose faces you see when you search your memories and recall their influence (“If that person hadn’t done or said ________, then I wouldn’t be where I am today.”). Do you know someone who has shaped your life by showing up fully, without a mask, and letting you really see him or her? These fireflies tend to have a way of looking deep within you and seeing your light even when you don’t or can’t acknowledge your own beauty. I want to collect these firefly stories and honor these human fireflies.

I truly believe it’s within our nature to want to positively impact others in some way, and I believe that we were each born to shine a light into this crazy, busy, seemingly disconnected world. Sometimes just showing up and being seen and connecting with others impacts the world in ways we may never know. We all have the ability to be “fireflies;” we might not know it and we might not feel like what we have to offer is enough, but it is! In fact, own distinct light has the power to heal and to uplift others. You are the only one who can shine your unique light, though, so if you don’t discover and share that light, the world will miss out on something that it will never have the chance to experience again!