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This is me practicing what I preach! I never imagined that I would be performing my songs, playing guitar and singing in front of people! Debilitating stage fright kept me from sharing my music for a long time. When we are brave enough to face our fears and show up fully, it leads us down exciting and unexpected paths. This is only the beginning of my music journey, please join me!

Listen to my debut album, “I Wrote You A Letter”, produced by Tom Prasada-Rao. I’m grateful for Sally Barris, my songwriting mentor, who helped me to develop confidence in my songwriting and taught me that songwriters are healers. I wouldn’t have a cd if Sally hadn’t encouraged me to reach out to Tom. They both carefully tended to my heart during this process of breaking open and facing my fear of sharing my songs. Their musical magic helped me to grow and encouraged me to share my music, they are like the human fireflies in my song “My Firefly”, showing me the way by shining their own unique light.

Listen below, stream on Spotify, or download the album on iTunes or cdbaby.

To contact me about music, please email info@lynnmccracken.com.


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